Gabriel Busquets, DC

Chiropractor located in Jacksonville, FL

About Dr. Busquets

Dr. Gabriel Busquets was born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. At 19 years old he moved to the United States, where he earned a bachelors degree in Industrial Design from SCAD. After working in south Florida for more than 5 years, he was inspired to change direction and become a chiropractor after seeing his wife suffer an intense back injury following the birth of their first child. Several doctor appointments and various treatments later, including steroid shots and pain killers, they went to a chiropractor at the recommendation of a friend. Upon receiving her third adjustment, she was able to stand straight and hold her baby without pain for the first time in weeks.

A month later, Dr. Busquets also suffered a back injury that prevented him from performing his duties at work. He went to the same chiropractor and after a week of chiropractic care was able to return to work. They both continued forward with care, because they gained an understanding about health that included more than just the absence of symptoms.

This experience furthered his understanding of the incredible need in our society for healthcare practitioners who can help people without the use of drugs and surgery as their first tool of treatment, and who promote prevention as a standard of care.

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Following this, Dr. Busquets attended Life University in Atlanta, GA to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree, and now –– after 3 years of successfully practicing as a Chiropractor –– has decided to build his own Chiropractic practice to offer best in class care to the Jacksonville, Florida community.

Dr. Busquets utilizes manual and table adjusting, the Activator, the arthrostim, the vibracussor, spinal decompression, as well as corrective postural exercises. His adjustments are customized to each patient’s personal needs and preferences.