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Whiplash Injuries

Research has shown that a fender bender at 10mph (low impact injury) is enough to cause whiplash, and neck injury, leading to ligament damage. Most people don’t even realize it happened. Now imagine the damage that might happen at 30mph or more!

Dr. Busquets always advises his patients to go to the emergency room, because they’re experts in taking care of these life-threatening traumas. But they won’t treat your condition! After you get finished with them, it’s time to make an appointment to see us.

People often believe they’re fine because of the adrenaline from the accident or pain medication that masks the severity of the condition. When you come to our practice, we’ll do an exam, and look for objective findings, like range of motion, tightness, or spasms.

Injuries that go untreated may develop into chronic conditions and pain in the future, with symptoms like headaches, stiffness, neck, shoulder, or hip pain.

Bottom line, it pays to get checked out to prevent future pain and complications.
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Results You Can See

Dr. Busquets remembers a young tennis player, trying to earn a scholarship for college, who came in after being injured in an auto accident. He didn’t think anything was seriously wrong, but further examination showed a bulging disc in his neck, which would have certainly derailed his future tennis career. We corrected the problem, which allowed him to continue to play at a high level.

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