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Meet Dr. Gabriel Busquets

Dr. Busquets headshotDr. Gabriel Busquets is a native of Puerto Rico. After being part of an exchange program at North Carolina State University, he moved to the United States at the age of 19. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art & Design, and started working for a company designing lamps and furniture.

Double Pain in the Backs

After working in South Florida for more than 5 years, Dr. Busquets’ wife suffered a severe back injury following the birth of their first child. Several doctor appointments, and many failed treatments later, including steroid shots and painkillers, they went to see a chiropractor at the recommendation of a friend. After her third adjustment, she was able to stand straight and hold her baby without pain for the first time in weeks.

A month later, Dr. Busquets also suffered a back injury that prevented him from performing his duties at work. He went to the same chiropractor, and after a week of chiropractic care, returned to work. They both continued with care, gaining a better understanding of how health is more than just the absence of symptoms.

Changing Direction

Dr. Busquets was inspired to change direction and become a chiropractor after these experiences. It also furthered his understanding of the incredible need in our society for health care practitioners to help people heal without using drugs or surgery as the first option, and who promote prevention as a standard of care.

Moving the family to Atlanta to follow his dream, Dr. Busquets enrolled at Life University. In 2014, he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and got a job in Dallas, TX, so the family picked up and moved again.

After some time in Texas, Dr. Busquets and his wife knew they wanted to move back to Florida, and started searching for the right location for their family. After finding the school district where they currently live is the best in the state—and near the beach—they moved, one last time, to Bartram Park.
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